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What Does Parenting Mean to You?

Hello friends! Today we have one question and one question only, and that is, what does parenting mean to you? Does it mean that you have to constantly smother your children? Does it mean you have to be their friend before being their parent? Does it mean that you allow them to do whatever they want and hope for the best? Everyone has different ideas on what parenting looks like, but it should never look like your child is able to take advantage of you. It should never look like your child has no boundaries or respect. We will delve deeper into Parenting and what it looks like

to us on our new podcast Oops, I'm a Parent! For those of you who feel lost, or feel like you need a little help, we have webinars coming to you as well. All of this will be apart of our Oops, I'm a Parent series. stay tuned!

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