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Did You Know?

We have some exciting news here at Mason Aces! We now have a school! Our school will be hosting a summer camp this summer beginning June 17th! Get ready for fun filled themed weeks, and amazing field trips. We are so excited to be able to share this new venture with you and your children! We will be sending out more information to our clients soon. If you are not a Mason Aces Client, and would like to receive the school information, please email us at

We are also coming to the end of our 15 minutes of exercise challenge, and will be starting our new challenge for the month of May. For May our challenge is to create and recite 5 affirmations daily. We will send out a calendar for our current clients. Simply mark each day off on the calendar, and don't forget

to take pictures and videos and tag us in them! Remember to turn in your April Challenge calendar to!

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