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On this Page you will find our most Frequently Asked Questions.

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  1. Do I have to provide food for my child?

No we provide all meals. If you have a preference of meal style for your child please let us know, but if you feel more comfortable providing your own food, you are more than welcome to do so. For our breast feeding mamas, we do provide storage for your breast milk. 

2. Do you potty train?

Yes we do. 

3. Do you have a curriculum/ schedule?

Yes! We follow a tight schedule and curriculum. 

4. Do we have after hours care?

We do not at our facility, but we have qualified and background checked nannies available after hours and weekends. 

5. What type of payments do you accept?

We accept cash payments, check payments (see contract for stipulations for check payments), and payments via Zelle and Venmo, and our Mason Aces App.

6. Do I have to provide diapers and wipes?

You can if you feel called to, however we have a diaper and wipe service for an addition $85.00 per month (please see contract for details). We suggest that you do what is most convenient for you and your family.

7. Do I have to provide blankets and pillows for nap?

No you do not. Each child has their own blanket and mat set given to them when they start, and it is only used by them. 

8. Should I stick around after drop off for the first time?

We find that the longer parents linger, the harder it is for the child to acclimate to their new environment. We find it is best to say your goodbyes and let your child continue their day. Most children take 2 to 3 weeks to get acclimated. If your child has a favorite stuffed animal, or comfort blanket, they may bring it to make them feel more comfortable. 

9. Are there any closure dates?

Yes, You will be given a calendar on projected closure dates at the beginning of each year/ the beginning of your service. Those dates are subject to change, so we also send out notifications and reminders. (Please see contract for payment during closure dates/ vacations). Remember we still have our nanny service available for any closure dates/ vacations where you still require childcare. We really Pride ourselves on Acing your care needs!

10. Are workers background checked?

Yes! All of our workers, nannies, and even the families we care for, are all background checked. Nannies and Workers are also CPR/ First Aid certified.

11. Am I required to pay tuition during closures dates or when my child does not attend daycare?

Half payment of either your full time or part time rate is due during closure times. If your child is a full time child and misses days within the week YOUR FULL  FULL-TIME PAYMENT IS STILL DUE. If your child is part time and misses days within the week YOUR FULL PART-TIME PAYMENT IS STILL DUE. See contract for more details.

12. What happens if I make my payment late? 

There is a $25.00 per day charge if your payment is late. All payments are due every Friday by 11:59pm PST, unless you have an agreed upon payment plan with Mason Aces Inc.  

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