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Meet The Founder/ CEO 

Fallon Graham

Hello all!

My name is Fallon Graham. I’m grateful to meet you all, and tell you a little about myself and why I started this company. My start came because of my mother Gail Graham. Before she started her daycare she worked for the sheriffs department, and there was a lot of different cases that involved Children.  Because of all the injustice she saw, she decided to start her own daycare. She wanted a place for children to be themselves and most importantly feel safe. My mother is a very kind, giving and gracious woman. My mom started this daycare before I was born so I grew up in the daycare setting, and saw a lot of children that became like family. I saw the difference my mother made in these children ’s lives. I knew I wanted to follow in my mothers footsteps. I wanted to give back in the best possible way I knew how, so I started a daycare with my mom's help. While owning and running  my own daycare, I saw that there were a lot of gaps in the system that could be better filled. My end goal is serving the children in my care and making sure my parents are happy and comfortable.  During the pandemic I saw how things shifted with many children and their parents, and that is how the idea came about for wanting to start a nanny and tutoring service in line with the daycare. I saw there was a need for modern technology, and a need for a one stop shop for all care needs. From dealing with parents and families for years I’ve seen that the requirements for caregivers are strict and have tightened up over the years, but no one is requiring background checks for  parents . We want to make sure that even the parents are safe to work with our caregivers. It was important for me to continue the legacy my mom started, and to have a safe  loving space for kids and their parents.


Here at Mason Aces our mission is to Ace the care we provide to our families. Through thorough background checks of both our Nannies, and the families we serve, We strive to provide a safe environment for all parties involved. Our Daycare offers care to parents who want a more social environment for their children. Small Businesses can use our background check option as well. Here at Mason Aces WE ACE YOUR CARE NEEDS!

Why Mason Aces?

Mason Aces Started because of our love of kids and keeping them safe. That should be your WHY for choosing Masons Aces. There isn’t any app that allows caregivers and parents to be background checked.We live in a world were safety should be the highest priority especially for our children. Are you a caregiver or own a child care service? Are you a small business that is in need of a background checking service that is quick and easy to use? Mason Aces is for you, too! We are here to ACE ALL your care needs! Follow us on Instagram @masonacesinc and @masonacesdaycare

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