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Welcome From Mason Aces!

Hello, and welcome to Mason Aces, where We Ace Your Care Needs. This website and app was created with both caregivers and families in mind. We offer great features such as back ground checks, in person interviews, as well as live video interviews that can be hosted right from the app. Families can also view the caregivers schedule through the app, to ensure that the caregiver you pick is able to accommodate their needs. Here at Mason Aces we wanted to revolutionize childcare with safety and accessibility at the forefront. We not only offer nanny services, we offer tutoring services as well. We take education seriously here, and want to make sure the every child in our care has all the tools that they need to succeed. Sound good to you? Browse our website and become well acquainted with us. Be sure to enroll your email to stay updated with all that is happening here at Mason Aces Inc. and all of our services.

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