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Nannies Who Care

Here at Mason Aces, we pride ourselves on having nannies who care about our families, and more importantly the children in our care. For this reason we would like to share with you some qualities to look for when searching for a great caring nanny.

1. Are they making eye contact with you when they are speaking? Just like in any other conversation, it is important that the nanny is making eye contact when speaking to either you, or your children. This shows respect for the individuals and the situations at hand.

2. Are they engaged in the time being spent with your child/ family? It is always important for a nanny to be engaged when dealing with the children they are caring for. This shows the children that they are present, and actually are interested in the day to day activities that are being done. In turn the children will be more engaged in the activities.

3. Do they have good hygiene? This is important, especially in the times we are in. It is great to be sure that not only does your nanny have good personal hygiene, but that they have great cleaning habits. For the protection of your child/ children's health, a clean nanny who maintains a clean environment should be an important quality.

4. Does your child/ children enjoy being around the nanny? Of course this is important. We always want to make sure that there is great chemistry between the nannies and the children we serve.

All of these things are important to keep in mind when trying to hire a new caregiver. We will share more tips right here on our new blog, so be sure to stay tuned!

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