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In March WE READ!

We are coming in HOT with a new healthy habits challenge for the month of March! We are encouraging EVERYONE who either have their children read to them for 10 minutes a day, or read to their child for 10 minutes a day. It is quick and easy, and is a great way to spend some quality time with your child/ children! Be sure to ask them questions about what they read, or what you read them. This helps to develope critical thinking skills. To be included in the challenge all you have to do is do the reading with your child and mark each day off on our designated calendar. If you are a Mason Aces client, we will email you the calendar. If you are not you can email us at or dm us at @masonacesinc on Instagram, and we will provide you with one. Don't forget to take pictures and videos and tag us! Be sure to share with family and friends, so that everyone can gain a new healthy habit. We will see you March 1st!

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