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February Teeth Brushing Challenge!

Hey Friends! We just wanted to remind you about our Healthy Habits challenge starting in February. Starting February 1st, and each month after, there will be a different healthy habit. February’s healthy habit is BRUSHING TEETH! Some people don’t understand how important it is to tend to a child’s dental hygiene. It is just as important as taking a bath or cleaning their room. Brushing their teeth prevents bacteria growth, cavities, and gingivitis. All you have to do is have your child brush their teeth twice a day for 30 days. On the calendar mark off each day as it is completed, then on the weekly tooth brush sheet have your child color in the tooth brushes each time they brush. For our Mason Aces clients, you will be emailed the sheets to participate. For those of you who are not clients, please dm us or email us at and we will email it to you. Remember parents, we have to be a good example for our kiddos, so join in the fun! Please remember to share and tell your friends, so that everyone can participate in this fun and healthy challenge, and so we can make this a great healthy habit. Join us and make sure to take pictures and videos and tag us!

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